Wisdom Teeth Removal & Oral Surgery In Huntsville, Ontario

Oral surgery may be required to treat conditions such as oral cancer and bone grafting, or in cases of extensive jaw and facial injury. However, by far the most common oral surgery procedure is to remove wisdom teeth, or the third molars, located in the back of your mouth.

Dr. Richard Cook and the professional staff at Dr. Richard Cook Family Dentistry have experience with all types of oral surgery procedures in Huntsville, Ontario, including wisdom teeth removal. Sometimes there is insufficient room in the jaw to accommodate wisdom teeth; when this inadequate space prevents the teeth from erupting they can become misaligned, causing pain and infection. This condition is known as an impacted wisdom teeth.

During your dental exam we will evaluate the state of your oral health and let you know if we think oral surgery is necessary. If you have any questions about your dental surgery, Dr. Cook and our team can answer your questions. Contact us today to schedule your appointment. New patients are welcome.